We have a big weekend ahead. With American Magic unfortunately not being able to race in the remaining Round Robins it is just ourselves and Luna Rossa fighting it out for that first PRADA Cup Final spot. If the Italians win both races they go directly through, if we win one, we are through. We are looking forward to another couple of days of intense racing.

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22.01.2021 – Auckland, NZPRADA Cup RR3 & 4 Opening Press Conference

Make no mistake, it will be tough. Luna Rossa have been involved in this game for over 20 years, they are an experienced outfit with great designers, great sailors and fantastic backing. That said, we will give it our all to beat them and get that route straight through to the Final. We will take it one race at a time and keep the intensity going. If we don’t have a good race on Saturday, we’ll just have to come back stronger on Sunday and go again.

Getting that direct spot through to the Final is important because it gives you more of the one thing you cannot buy in this game, time. Time is everything in the America’s Cup. It gives you time to make the tweaks and developments that you probably won’t have the opportunity to do if you are in the Repechage. Those couple of weeks breathing space are crucial. With American Magic unfortunately no longer racing in the Round Robins it has just upped the intensity of our two remaining races with Luna Rossa.

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We were happy with how our performance improved last weekend and it was a great start to the Round Robins. As ever in the America’s Cup, however, there is a long way to go and a lot of improvements still to make. We have been in Auckland for four months now and we have had our ups and downs but the momentum is building. That is a great motivator and we just have to keep it rolling through this weekend.

Two of our team owners, Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Andy Currie, arrived in Auckland recently and it’s fantastic to have them here supporting the team. They are incredible backers of our team and for them to make it out here is a big commitment and statement. They are a key part of our team and to have them here on this journey with us is brilliant.

We realise how tough it currently is for everyone back home. Everyone in the team has families, friends, and loved ones who are suffering at the moment. We really hope our improvement in performance has put a bit of a smile on people’s faces and hopefully we can keep that going. Lots of people around the world are going through some of the toughest times in recent memory and we will do our best to do our bit for them and win some more races.


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